At National Arms, we believe that consistency is key.
We manufacture superior ammunition for shooters that want reliability and consistency every time they pull the trigger.

National Arms, an ammuntion manufacturer and supplier to Law Enforcement, resellers & dealers.

In 2015, a group of weapons and ammunition enthusiasts got together to discuss what they would do to make ammunition great again. With the input of 3 successful competition shooters with a combined loading experience of over 77 years, National Arms was born. Everyone agreed that the industry did not need just another manufacturer, but what it did need is a manufacturer that will produce a high-quality ammunition at a price that doesn’t break the bank. As competition shooters, everything was hand loaded and the range ammunition fired just as good as the competition ammo, but the question was, how do you produce on a much bigger scale. After about 18 months of research, we sourced the most technologically advanced equipment to bring what we wanted to market. Each and every round loaded on our loaders goes through a laser imaging and weight inspection prior to being put into a tray and boxed. Whether you are looking for self-defense ammunition, hunting ammunition or range ammunition, rest assured that you’ll get the same quality that you would expect if you loaded it yourself.